Clone Apps vs. Custom Development

Application development is a complicated procedure. The applications that are developed on readymade scripts lack exclusive features and appear generic while the custom developed applications looks more organized and smarter. Yet, there are many companies that go for clone script based development only to reduce their costs on getting clone scripts developed.

Clone Script Based Development and Custom Clone Development

Clone scripts are ready-to-launch solutions for business startups. Making use of a clone script for launching an online business means making use of a ready code site builder or software for handling the core functionality. There are freelancers and companies that have got into developing clone scripts post examining the growth prospective of this digital venture. On the other hand, launching an online business by making use of custom clone development means getting a team of developers and designers for building the core functionality and the user interface right from scratch. Freelancers and mobile and web development companies are into custom clone development.

Critical Parameters for Comparing Custom Clone Development and Readymade Clone Scripts

Some of the critical parameters for comparing custom clone development and readymade clone scripts include:


Readymade clone scripts tend to be more cost-effective in comparison to custom clone development. This is because as a business owner, you will have to hire a team of developers and designers for developing a clone script for you. This requires paying the team a lump sum amount while bearing all the other expenses as well. However, this is not the case with readymade clone scripts. The only thing that you will have to do is make the choice of the best company that is into offering clone scripts.

Exclusiveness and Flexibility

Customer clone development offers business owners the flexibility of using and haring their ideas with the design and development team for getting exactly what they want. Thus, it can be said that the platform is completely customized which is not possible with readymade clone scripts. The readymade clone scripts already feature predefined design interface or templates along with app or site features.

Turnaround Time

Business owners going for online business earnings generally want their ideas to materialize ASAP. They do not like to wait for a very long time in order to get the desired results. For such individuals, readymade clone scripts come as the best option. Top quality readymade clone scripts get the site up and running within a very short span of time. Quick turnaround time is generally a major problem with custom clone development.

Scalability and Robustness

Readymade clone scripts are generally developed on hard-hitting development structures bringing wonderful capabilities for businesses. However, it is important for them to match the development efficiency from scratch. Custom clone development offers great scalability and robustness. This is because, when a clone script is developed from scratch, the design and development team can easily be notified about the desired results from the script or the website.


Custom clone development helps in strategizing and creating a niche for a brand. While readymade clone scripts might appear faster and cheaper methods of resolving app development requirements, it is always best to go for custom clone development.